United Kingdom Companies

Although companies are generally subject to United Kingdom taxation, an acceptably low level of profits may be achieved by the use of a resident company in conjunction with an offshore entity.

United Kingdom companies may also be used as part of a structure to hold assets, particularly shares in other non-United Kingdom companies. Dividends and royalty income may be passed through the United Kingdom company to non-UK shareholders, often with little tax being payable. There is no dividend withholding tax in the United Kingdom.

Taxation on disposal of a controlling interest in other companies may be exempt from UK taxation if certain conditions are met.

The United Kingdom also has double taxation treaties with many jurisdictions, which is seldom the case with companies incorporated in “offshore” jurisdictions and significant advantages may be obtainable in some situations.

The United Kingdom has a highly developed judicial system and the image portrayed by a United Kingdom company is excellent. Due to the nature of potential opportunities to use United Kingdom resident companies, detailed advice will often be necessary and we would be pleased to assist further in appropriate circumstances.